Costa Brava



Costa Brava

Expand perceptions of reality and luxury along this enchanting Spanish coast.…

Expand perceptions of reality and luxury along this enchanting Spanish coast. On the dramatic Mediterranean, where the mountains meet the sea, somewhere between the real and the surreal, warm sunshine, winding roads, panoramic views, and Catalan charm combine to create a truly unique vacation in Spain. From nights in a seaside Iberian villa to days spent biking the Empordà plain and trying to decipher the mystical musings of Salvador Dalí, this paradise offers an inspiring mixture of compelling culture, fabulous cuisine, and breathtaking cycling terrain.…

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Girona, Spain


6 days | 5 nights

Beyond Biking

Historical Site Visit, Cultural Tour, Wine Tasting, Food Tasting, Boat Cruise, Beach, Shopping, Ride Pro Race Course

DAYs 1 & 2

Empordå Plain

Stay at La Placa de Madremanya

Bicycle through medieval villages, and stop to admire the Romanesque architecture | Visit Castell Gala Dalí, Salvador Dalí’s last workshop and the mausoleum for his muse and wife Gala | Discover the oldest archeological ruins on the Iberian Peninsula | Explore castle ruins in Pals and its beautiful ceramics shops | Indulge in seasonal cuisine while you savor regional wines

DAYs 3 - 6

Costa Brava

Stay at La Placa de Madremanya

Cycle alongside the Mediterranean Sea, stopping to visit Catalan seaport villages | Tour a local vineyard and taste the famous Catalan wines | Take in the spectacular coastline on a private catamaran cruise through crystalline waters | Enjoy elegant dining at a beach side restaurant | Soak up the rays at the seaside pool or on the beach

Add On

Barcelona Package

Two Nights Accommodation

Explore the city of Barcelona and let Trek Travel take care of the details. Purchase our exciting 3 day, 2 night add on package to enjoy before or after your trip.


Dates & Pricing


25th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4099 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
8th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4099 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
22nd / 6 days / 5 nights
$4099 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
29th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4099 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
7th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4299 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
14th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4299 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
Limited Availability
28th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4299 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
5th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4299 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
12th / 6 days / 5 nights
$4299 / Person, $850 / Single OCC.
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La Plaça de Madremanya

Madremanya, Spain (Girona)

Madremanya is a beautiful medieval walled village with traditionally restored buildings set amidst the lush rolling farmlands of the Empordà plains. Your home will be at La Plaça, a 14th century stone farmhouse with a warm interior. The gourmet restaurant serves the freshest local ingredients in a style fusing tradition and innovation.

Hostal de la Gavina

S’Agaró, Spain (Girona)

This hotel is situated on a cliff, overlooking the Sant Pol beach on the Mediterranean Sea, and for decades has been a popular retreat for many stars, such as Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Sean Connery. Rich cultural heritage is evident throughout the hotel in the Flemish tapestries, 17th century furniture, Romanesque carvings, Murano lamps, and 18th-century Sèvres vases. The outdoor swimming pool, beautiful gardens, and spa all add to the enjoyment of this quiet, scenic and magnificent Mediterranean property.

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