About the Position

Being a Trek Travel Guide offers a unique lifestyle with many opportunities and rewards. Trek Travel expects Guides to provide our Guests with a fun, informative, and safe experience in some of the world's most beautiful locations. During a typical day, Guides must be extremely organized, flexible, able to master trip logistics, manage trip finances, represent Trek Travel to hotels and subcontractors, educate their Guests on safe biking skills and techniques, enrich their understanding of an area's history, culture, and geology, motivate those Guests who wish to challenge themselves, pamper those looking for the ultimate in luxury, and provide a stimulating experience for everyone.

When you are guiding, you are ALWAYS "on"! A Guide's day can start as early as 6 am and end past midnight with a primary goal to ensure that their Guests are having the time of their lives. Guides must go from "grease to grace" seamlessly, extending their skills from wrenching on bikes to creating gourmet picnics; entertaining conversation with a range of individuals, while speaking with confidence about the local culture. Finally, Guides do not actually ride as much as one might think. While we spend hours on the bike, we are riding to support our guests.

Evenings are spent engaging our Guests in conversation at social gatherings and dinner all while maintaining Trek Travel's legendary customer service and attention to detail. Trek Travel Guides must possess skills to accommodate any and all Guest requests as well as be proactive in solving possible problems before they take root. Taking initiative and being able to react quickly and effectively are critical skills to have as a Trek Travel Guide.Our Guides work long hours and harvest many rewards as well--constantly interacting with and meeting new people, introducing a unique corner of the world to all types of travelers, and maintaining an active lifestyle in the out-of-doors in the world's most beautiful places.

By far the most common comment we hear from our Guests after they have taken a Trek Travel trip is that "The Guides made the trip." This in a nutshell encapsulates everything we expect from our Guides, and that is to provide our Guests with the Trip of a Lifetime!


Perhaps more than any other job, Trek Travel Guides must have a wide range of skills. In order to be offered a Guide contract, applicants must be extremely proficient in ALL of the following areas:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Superior Hosting Skills
  • Infinitely Flexible, Resourceful and Solution-Oriented
  • A Natural "Connector" with all Personality Types
  • Culturally Aware and Involved
  • Fun, Passionate and a Dynamic Zest for Life
  • Polished Professionalism
  • Safety-Focused
  • Committed to Continuous Improvement
  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Reliable Team Player

Infinitely Flexible, Resourceful and Solution-Oriented

At Trek Travel our philosophy is that whether a Guest wants to ride 1 or 100 miles, we have the option for them, and can customize any trip to fit individual needs by offering unparalleled support and flexibility, with options for all riders. Accordingly, on every trip our Guides are expected to personalize each person's vacation to their individual abilities and desires. This is where you as a Guide have to be adept at supporting every level of rider, while also catering to those who are looking for alternatives to riding every day.

We are looking for people who can easily adapt to rapidly changing scenarios, find solutions quickly with their teammates, and who can "roll with it" when faced with a situation that strays from the plan. While we spend an enormous amount of time planning our trips down to the last detail, a large part of what makes our Guests' trip experience unforgettable are those spontaneous moments that you can't predict.

Culturally Aware and Involved

Our Guests are seeking fantastic riding in beautiful places, and they also want to immerse themselves in their new surroundings and find out as much "insider" information as possible. At Trek Travel it is our goal to weave each and every Guest into the fabric of a culture and region, whether it is inviting them to an exclusive wine tasting at a private Bordeaux chateau, chance meetings with a local farmer on the side of a road to learn about their life, or bringing a naturalist on the trip to talk to them about rainforest ecology. When looking at potential candidates, we seek out those people who have not only an innate and insatiable curiosity of their surroundings, but a natural ability to extend that sense of discovery to those around them.

Polished Professionalism

Guides are expected to constantly display light-heartedness while always maintaining control of the situation. Responding quickly and decisively to challenging situations, informing your Guests of what is going on, and treating all of our hotel and sub-contractors with the highest level of respect is paramount. Over the years we have placed a premium on creating, maintaining and enhancing mutually beneficial relationships with our sub-contractors in the field, as they are critical to our business.

Excellent Communicator

Our Guides are able to comfortably communicate with all of their Guests by setting expectations, communicating the itinerary and relaying important information in an interesting and fun way. Beyond that, we also expect our Guides to be proficient in providing thorough feedback and ideas for improvement for every trip they run and that are open and honest with their teammates and are comfortable providing constructive feedback.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

While every trip we run has been painstakingly put together by a team of Guides, Researchers and Trip Designers, we never stop looking for a better way to do things. Is there a new recently opened up boutique hotel in Napa that would be perfect for our Guests? Are there perhaps more scenic routes to get to our picnic spot on the Tuscany Trip? Has someone met a charming artisan in Provence who would be thrilled to host our Guests in their workshop for an intimate lunch? Our Guides are always looking for things that will improve our Guests' experience and streamline our logistical systems.

Fiscally Responsible

Trek Travel Guides have an enormous amount of responsibility placed on their shoulders. Not only are they given the task of making sure that each and every Guest has the trip of a lifetime tailored to their individual needs, but they are also put in charge of a sizeable asset in the form or our vehicles, trailers, bikes and related equipment. We only offer contracts to those people who display the highest levels of integrity and honesty. We trust our Guides and give them surprising amount of discretion over certain areas; we expect them to maintain exceedingly high fiscal standards. After completing each Trip, all Guides must report all of their trip expenditures, and are therefore required to keep all of their finances and receipts in order.


Due to the inherent risks in any physical activity, we hire people who have a peerless dedication to ensuring that safe practices are followed at all times, and who are committed to educating their Guests on proper riding habits when out on the road. At Trek Travel we not only require that all Guides have current First Aid and CPR certification, but we make our Safety Talks a standard component of our trips, presented to the Guests before any riding takes place. In addition the first day's Safety Talks, our Guides are expected to constantly be aware of their Guests' riding habits, and to offer suggestions and appropriate warnings when necessary.

Reliable Team Player

One of the best parts of this job is the people you work with. Not only are you working with another Guide (sometimes 2 or more), you are living, eating and breathing with that Guide for usually a few weeks, and sometimes up to several months. Due to the enormous amount of preparation and ongoing work that goes into each Trek Travel trip, our Guides must be able to rely on their teammates to get the job done and have fun doing it. We are interested in people who can work with a wide variety of personalities for extended periods of time and are able to bring out the best qualities in their teammates.