Trek Factory Racing Launch Event

Erin Berard
Feb / 5 / 2014

Erin Berard, our Race Trip and Hospitality Manager, walks us through a very successful Trek Factory Racing team launch event. As Trek Factory Racing’s Official Hospitality Partner, Trek Travel was in Belgium 

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Jan / 22 / 2014

We asked one of our trip designers, Rebecca Falls, to tell us about her creative process in designing a new trip. She takes it one better and told us how she designed 

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Jan / 15 / 2014

How did a 21-year-old college senior end up with a four-year summer internship at the world’s best cycling vacation company on her résumé? At 17-years-old I was a washed up soccer player, 

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Jan / 8 / 2014

Our private trip coordinator, Kari K., was recently able to travel to and stay at our newest hotel partner, Blackberry Farm. She got to experience the slower pace of life in this 

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Dec / 23 / 2013

A historic re-enactment. Scene: France Circa 1910 Alphonse Steinès: Hey, Henri Desgrange, how about adding some REAL mountains to this Tour de France you’re organizing? Henri Desgrange: Mais, non. Steinès: Tell you 

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Simple life pleasures…

Meagan Coates
Nov / 26 / 2013

adjective: pleasure 1. 
used or intended for entertainment rather than business. “Take your pleasure seriously.” Simple, right? For me, this quote just hits the nail right on the head. We are sometimes reminded 

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Top Hotel Picks in North America

Meagan Coates
Oct / 30 / 2013

You know the feeling when you’re traveling and you stay at a fantastic hotel and think to yourself, “I will have to come back here again someday”. We love that feeling. Rebecca 

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California Wine Country Goes Farm To Table

Meagan Coates
Jun / 25 / 2013

Lately it seems that farm-to-table style dining has become all the rage. And, we’re glad. See, Trek Travel is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin–home to the nation’s largest weekly farmer’s market. We truly 

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Being Trek Travel’s Marketing Manager, I understand how marketing a new product works. You want to get the product in front of as many people as possible and talk up its attributes. 

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May / 3 / 2013

The first word that I can think of as I sit down to write this is “wow”. I know that is an overused word in the English vernacular, especially when it comes 

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May / 2 / 2013

Our sales manager Vaughan, reflected back recently on his Ride Camp experience last fall. Who wants upgrades for life? Read on to find out how… Someone has to stay home and sell 

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Mar / 14 / 2013

Guide and trip designer, Greg Lyeki, talks about being “pro”–Ed I started thinking about the term “Pro” the other day while riding around the (Santa Ynez) Valley with some of our Ride 

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